The components of a Pay Per Click campaign

This is the age of the Word Wide Web, which is governing almost every aspect of life including business, market and shopping. As a result, more and more organisations are trying to exploit the internet to promote their business, brand and products or services. One of the best ways of such promotion is PPC or pay per click advertising. Hence, more businesses are investing in PPC, building a PPC strategy and implementing it as well.

Our take on the topic

At DigieGeeks, a web design and development company, we have been providing pay per click advertising services for a long time. Due to that, we have gained enough experience and expertise to understand and answer the queries you may have regarding this topic. To make the topic simpler to comprehend, our team of experts has compiled a list highlighting and explaining the components of a PPC strategy. The points you need to know are:

The keywords

This set of words or phrases are like anchors which increase the value of content by making it conveniently identifiable by the search engine and cite whenever a relevant search is made. There are multiple tools to identify possible keywords most relevant to a business. Identifying and compiling a list of the right keywords is one of the most important parts of a PPC strategy.

The account structure

Despite handling all the other components perfectly, if you fail to configure the PPC account properly, the whole campaign can be nullified. So, you need to be careful about account set up and ensure the best use of campaigns and ad groups relevant to the business.

The advertise copy

To create an effective text ad copy for the PPC campaign generating clicks and resulting in conversions, you need to be careful about features like messaging, offer and display URL. The tools are all there, you just need to know about and use them right.

The landing page

An effective landing page can work miracles for a pay per click advertising campaign and one of the most crucial element of the page is ‘scent’ or theme. If the theme of PPC text ads does not reach the landing page, they will prove to be ineffective. So, you need to target each ad to a specific landing page.

The bid strategies

After dealing with the above-mentioned points, you need determine the overall bid strategy. Your decision of manually managing the campaign or choosing the automated bid software will have an important role in the success of the PPC strategy.

The testing

Testing each of the components one at a time will give a clear idea about the effectiveness and success of the PPC strategy and help making beneficial decisions. So, it can be concluded that, knowing about the components of a pay per click advertising campaign will help your business and its advertising attempts.


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