The 4 Es to govern an effective PPC strategy

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is the internet advertising method businesses are opting for, where an advertiser pays the publisher website every time it’s ad published on said website is clicked. Setting up and managing such a campaign is quite simple. Hence, more and more people are choosing it. If you as the business owner is thinking about starting a PPC campaign, then concentrating on the PPC strategy should be the very first step.

How we will assist your endeavour

At DigieGeeks, a web design and development company, we have been providing Pay Per Click advertising services for a long time. Therefore, we have gained enough experience and expertise to help your business and answer the queries you may have. The first thing you need to remember while creating a PPC strategy is importance of both development and refinement of said strategy. In this age of steep competition and advanced technology, not creating a refined and effective PPC campaign is wastage of money, time and labour. So, you need to prepare a formula which will ensure ROI or return on investment.

The governing factors

To build an effective PPC strategy, you need some help and our team of experts has compiled a list highlighting and explaining the components that should be governing the approach. In short, you need to know about the 4 Es.


This phase, as the name suggests is all about gathering information and assessing the data. Therefore, it includes components like internal Web analytics, historical PPC account data and the peripheral research done on customers and competitors alike. The final selection of additional keywords and competitive market research will depend on this data connected at the very beginning of the process. The goal of this phase will be creating a test campaign which will run for a fortnight to a month.


This “E” consists of the phase where the test PPC strategy including text ads, keywords, associated landing pages and such will be implemented and monitored. This is the time to decide which of the ad copies, keywords, bid strategies, landing pages and such have the best chance of success. Based on that result, the strategy of the actual Pay Per Click advertising campaign will be decided.


This stage will concentrate on using the insights garnered from the evaluation phase to create the actual PPC strategy. Under this phase, number of keywords will be expanded to generate desired number of leads without affecting the conversion performance in anyway.


Just like the name suggests, this stage is about tweaking the campaign for best possible results. The tweaking happens with keywords, landing page elements, bidding strategy, text ad copy and such. These variations and testing are aimed at the best possible performance from the Pay Per Click advertising campaign. As the process cannot be fully-optimized due to reasons like changes happening in the market, industry, technology and competition, enhancement is crucial and a continuous process.

Beneficial results

Implementing these 4 Es will indeed help your PPC strategy to perform better than before ensuring more traffic, sales and profit for your business.


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